LumArray, offers microlithographic services to complement our manufacturing of maskless photolithography systems.

Lithographic service is available using either our in-house ZP-150 maskless photolithography system or our Raith 150 scanning-electron-beam-lithography (SEBL) system. The ZP-150 can write dense features down to 200 nm linewidth and cover substrates up to 150 mm diameter with a single continuous pattern, i.e., without "stitching."

In high-resolution resists such as PMMA and HSQ, the SEBL system is capable of writing features down to about 20 nm, depending on the resist thickness.

Figure 1 is an example of a pattern written on our ZP-150 system.

Figure 1: Photograph of a large-area grating, with 600 lines per mm, written on our in-house ZP-150 system. The multicolor diffraction pattern is the result of illumination by overhead fluorescent lights.